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  • Will you be photographing my wedding or will some random person show up?
    I will be your lead wedding photographer! The beauty of working with me, is that you'll always know who will be there. If you have a second shooter, I'll introduce you to him or her way before your wedding. The lead photographer will always be with the bride, while the second shooter will be with the groom.
  • Should we do a first look?
    I always encourage a first look! It's a separate time for you and your partner to feel emotions and be together, alone, before being in front of everyone. Plus, you'll like that the photo timeline will be much smoother.
  • Do you photograph weddings outside of Chicago, Illinois?
    Yep! We'll travel anywhere throughout the U.S. and Canada (depending on location). Just let us know where you're big day will be held, and we can talk about travel and stay. Pro Tip: if you're getting married near Toronto, Canada, the "stay (hotel)" fees are dropped 😎
  • How long do we need to wait to receive our full gallery?
    Within 1-3 days, after the wedding, you'll receive a sneak peek slideshow with downloadable images. You'll receive your full gallery within 5-8 weeks, but I do try to send them to you ASAP!
  • Do you have backup equipment?
    Absolutely! I use (2) cameras during your day, I bring multiple memory cards, and batteries to make sure I'm fully charged throughout your day. I'll bring extra lighting, more so, for the reception area, etc. Always knocking on wood that nothing happens, but in case something happens, I'll be ready!
  • How is your process after booking? Will we hear from you before the wedding? Can we ask you questions if we're stuck on anything?
    Ask me any questions you may have at any time! You're investing in me, not only because you love my work, but you trust my knowledge and experience in this industry. I'm here to help you out in any way that I can. I focus on the connection with all my couples, I want us to get to know each other and build a good rapport. I believe, the better rapport we have, the better experience we'll have. After booking with me, I won't disappear and resurface (1) week before your wedding date. We'll stay in touch, especially if we have an engagement session lined up. We'll jump on Zoom calls, phone calls, and even meet up for a coffee chat (1) month before your wedding to discuss final details of your wedding photo timeline, general gameplan, and any other questions or concerns that you may have. And yes, the coffee is on me.
  • Do your packages include a second shooter?
    For weddings longer than 8 hours and have a minimum of 121+ guests, a second shooter is included in the collection! If we provide a customizable package to you, a second shooter is always available.
  • Do you have payment options available?
    Yes! You can do one of the following (2) options: 50% deposit now, to save your date with me, and 50% the 1st date of the month of your wedding. 25% deposit now, to save your date with me, and a fixed monthly payment due on the 1st of every month, up to the 1st date of the month of your wedding. *(Not sure why I get this follow up question, but) no, I don't charge any interest! 😎*
  • Do you provide aerial photography?
    Definitely! We'll capture those "birds eye view" of the venue(s), reception area, and anything else in between that we can capture. The only time we do not operate the drone, is indoors, and during the ceremony... no one wants to hear the fans going while you're expressing your love for each other!
  • What is your pricing?
    Prices range from $3,500-$5,500 (depending on additional add-ons). We can always work on a customizable package for you! Nothing is set in stone, we understand that not all weddings are the same, so tell us what you'd like, and we'll work with you.
  • How many photos will we receive?
    This depends on how many hours I'm photographing the wedding.
  • What happens if you're sick?
    Safety is a priority of mine, and if it's not COVID, and you are okay with it, then I will be your lead photographer. If it is COVID or your if you are not comfortable, then I will have one of my second shooters take my place!
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